An experienced, licensed mental health counselor working with clients in San Francisco.

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Welcome!  Are you struggling with feeling down, being tired, and unable to enjoy the activities you love?  Perhaps your self-esteem is low and the negative thoughts in your head make it difficult to do even simple tasks.  Your friends and loved ones are concerned and you feel disconnected from yourself, your body, and your life.  Or maybe you are constantly worrying about what if scenarios and this disrupts your life.  You can’t turn off your brain and keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again. If any of these sound familiar, please contact me.  Deciding to seek help is the first step the path to improve your life and well-being.  I am here to help you on your path.  Whether you are undergoing life transitions or facing problems of a more serious nature, I am prepared to help you both cope more effectively and implement change. 

I provide verbal therapy, dance/movement therapy, or a combination of the two. I believe the mind and body are intimately connected and that movement is an ideal modality for both diagnosing and providing interventions for mental illnesses. I believe in meeting you where you are and helping you establish goals for therapy. 

As a yoga teacher, I bring a mindfulness base to my practice. My approach is warm and client-focused yet I will help you achieve your goals with empathetic confrontation. I strive to tailor therapy to your unique individual needs.  

I have worked in the counseling field since 2006 and currently serve as the Director of Activities at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center of San Francisco County, which provides care for chronically mentally ill adults.   Previously I worked at a psychiatric hospital for male inmates, interned with children diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and counseled older adults with mental illnesses.

Please contact me to discuss what treatment options I provide and how we can work together.  I can be reached by phone at (775) 338-0634 or by email at