My approach to therapy

In providing both verbal therapy (often CBT based) and dance/movement therapy, I believe in meeting you where you are at in the present moment in your life. Together you and I will decide what kind of therapy would be best for you and establish goals for your treatment.  I will often ask for feedback around what therapeutic approaches are most effective with you and tailor your sessions to you using that information.  Therapy is a process and together we can work towards wellness.

I thoroughly believe that by connecting to our bodies and enjoying living in them we lead more happy and healthy lives.  Since all of life is experienced in our bodies, all change starts within the body.  This is why dance/movement therapy is so powerful.  The body, through movement, has the ability to effect change all the while absorbing through our senses the experience as change occurs.

At the heart of my approach is the belief that people are capable of the change that occurs in both body and mind.  In each person one can find strengths and healthy ways of coping.  Therapy can build on these healthy attributes and should be wellness focused.   My training in dance/movement therapy and yoga adds to my belief that mindfulness and being present are essential in therapy: both for the therapist to be present with the client and for the client to be truly present in his or her own therapy.  I continue to develop my own sense of mindfulness through my dance/ movement therapy groups, my personal yoga practice, my dance studies, and through my work as a yoga teacher.